Infoalp Barcode Label Maker - Order Information


We have discontinued sales of IT Edge Software's Barcode Generator since October 2010 as the software was not compatible with Windows 7. We now recommend Great Barcode Generator for your barcode generation and printing needs.


We also have an agreement with that our present customers can transfer their license of IT Edgesoft Barcode Generator to Great Barcode Generator License for $19.90 USD.


The Market Price of the Great Barcode Generator is $49.90 USD, but the License transfer will cost you only $19.90 USD per System License.


To purchase license transfer, please visit the order page of Great Barcode Generator:

And use coupon provided to you. Ask for the coupon if you have not received it.


This offer is valid till 31st December 2011.


For any queries reach us at: